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«DICTIONARY OF WAR. MOSCOW SESSION (MMIX)»  is a joint initiative of the Berlin publishing house “Merve” and of Moscow “Logos publishers”. It will take place on the anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War (Sept.1, 1939). It is an international action that includes more than 30 participants from 14 different countries. The format is strict – everyone has but twenty minutes to make a statement, to introduce his/her own concept of War.  The organizers of the project based it on Gilles Deleuze and  Félix Guattary’s ideas of Concepts and Conceptual Personages. According to Deleuze and Guattary Concepts must be created, produced, invented, they are not word definitions, neither they  are expressions of original opinions. They are not entertainment. They are linked to problems which they are bound to answer to and without which they have no value. Conceptual Personage is the one who fully embodies within himself his own conceptual plan or field of action, his own responsibility. 

People of very different «fields of actions», professions were asked to take part in this action. Philosophers and photographers, historians and lawyers, negotiators, psychiatrists, financiers, restoring the broken banking system, war writers and politicians, and diplomats and poets. Each one embodies within himself that what he speaks about, each one chooses his own Word-Concept for the Dictionary of War to make his statement.  Each has his own War but the evidence of each and every one contributes to the self-articulation  of the civil society as such. For in these statements Society looks in the direction it usually escapes to look into, entrusting itself in the hands of the State and the Military.